Facial Aesthetics Fees

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment: 
Crow’s Feet (Lines Beside The Eyes)£150
Glabella (Frown Between Brows)£150
Smoker’s Lines (Lines Just Above The Lips)£150
Brow Lift/Bunny Lines/Gummy Smile£120
2 Areas In Total£280
3 Areas In Total£330
Excessive Sweating: 
Both Underarms£330
Jaw Muscle Reduction/Reduction of Grinding Activities: 
Masseter Muscle£300 – £380
Skin And Lip Filler Prices: 
Cheek Lift/Enhancement£300
Laughter Line (Nose-Mouth Line)£275
Downward Mouth Edges (Marionette Lines)£275
Back Of Hands£450
Tear Trough Filler (Sunken Eyes/Dark Circles)£380
Nose Filler£380
Chin Filler – 1ml£250
Jawline Filler – 2ml£450
Jawline Filler – 4ml£850
Additional filler injection – 1ml£180

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