Dental Extractions

We only offer sedation for implants & wisdom tooth extraction.

Oh, when we’ve heard,” I’ve been up all night; pull it out!”…..

Toothache is excruciating and is a time of extreme anxiety, lending itself to moments of impulse decisions.

Rest assured, we will do everything possible to try and help you save your tooth, but if a removal is needed, we will make it as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

Tooth extraction procedures today are far less painful than ever before. We will always ensure the area is completely numb before removing the tooth. Often, a tooth-extracted patient experiences little or no discomfort and only minor bleeding.

Most tooth extractions are straightforward, followed by at-home care that includes rest and gentle care of the extraction site. Patients with extracted teeth sometimes need to take an antibiotic and, at the very least, take precautions following the procedure to ensure that infection doesn’t occur.

Dental Extraction Hill Cross

After you have had a tooth out, talk to your dentist about ways to replace this tooth and fill in the gap to help you eat and smile confidently. We recommend booking with our Implant Dentist for a consultation to talk to you about all your options.

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