Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth, designed to look and function like your natural teeth and surrounding gum tissues. They are generally made from an acrylic material which is high-strength and durable. If you look after the dentures, this material is unlikely to stain or darken and will remain fresh and natural for many years.

We provide comfortable, natural-looking dentures to suit most budgets that look good and feel comfortable, allowing you to eat without embarrassment advances in denture technology mean that some foods that were off-limits to denture wearers in the past can now be eaten more easily. Socialising with a confident smile benefits those who no longer possess their natural teeth.

If you have several missing teeth and don’t wish to undergo implant treatment, you will benefit from having dentures as they will support your cheeks and lips. When you replace several missing teeth, it can reduce the number of lines and wrinkles around your face; this results in a more youthful look and can take years off you.

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